Review: Jacq & Rose Tri Tanote Teal

Back when the weather was colder and wetter…..Oh wait. No. Back when the weather was colder……..Nope still not right. Back in November 2016 when the weather was much like it is now, I had the pleasure of hosting Tri Tanote Teal by Jacq and Rose. In my new “just write and let the words come” phase of review writing I decided this wrap deserved to be written about. Not that Jacq and Rose need reviews. They have become hugely successful in their short time in the wrap manufacturer world. People have cottened on to just how brilliant these wraps are already, but I would like to write down what I thought of the visitor.


So, Jacq and Rose Tri Tanote Teal. Part of their Tri Oceanic range this wrap is 100% combed cotton and weighs in at 280gsm. That’s the facts. Oh apart form that it’s warp is ecru. Now you know everything. Except what makes this wrap so special.

At the time I was given Teal I wasn’t carrying much. Just the 20 minute walk to Nursery 2 days a week (thankfully that has changed in the following months) so I was worried about how much I would actually get to use it. It was handed over at Winter Wovenland. Brilliant. The only other time I got to carry was when in town. But at just over 2 years old the twins, more than ever, just wanted to walk. It was late, we were hot, I didn’t have the energy to be mum and put my foot down (hahaha. That made me laugh!) so we all walked.  From the Northern Quarter to the Christmas Market in Manchester’s Albert Square. On tiny 2 year old legs thats a long walk. By the time we arrived Henry was resting his head on my arm as he walked holding my hand. As I ordered my lunch he fell asleep in my arms. I hobbled, balancing food in one hand, Henry in the other and a bag dangling from my arm to the covered food court and dumped everything on the floor.  Why am I telling you this? Because finally asleep, I could get him in the wrap. And wrapping a sleeping child is a very different experience, especially in a crowded market under the gaze of strangers eyes.


With Daddy off chasing girl shaped twin I was left to sort out Henry on my own. Wrapping a sleeper, like I said is very different and for me normally much harder. I always end up having to retighten because of how relaxed and slumped baby is initially. But with this…….I still think of it as possibly one of the best wrap jobs I’ve ever done. One of the most comfortable certainly. Surely this was some kind of amazing blend? I’ve never been one to think it couldn’t be supportive but for some silly reason I was suddenly questioning the mighty cotton!

she lasted another 10 minutes

I don’t profess to be an expert in textiles. I can finally, confidently tell you which way the warp and weft go. I think. And I’m learning a little about weaves as I go along. But basically I know what I like and don’t like. Certainly back then I couldn’t have said that maybe it was the well thought out weave structure that made this wrap, with its lovely diagonal stretch so beautifully mouldable with a lovely balanced bounce and recoil. That perhaps it has a looser weave that gives it a blankety softness and amazing cush with not one dot of dig with a heavy sleeping toddler on my back. That these combined have created a wrap that is soft, bandage tight with very little effort and incredibly strong.


The thought doesn’t stop with how the wrap has been constructed. It continues in its triangle design. The smaller triangles flowing in to larger (or the other way if that’s what floats your boat) is a beautiful design but it is also functional. It splits the wrap in to sections giving a beginner wrapper a visual aid to distinguish the the top and bottom of the wrap. But this isn’t just a wrap with triangles on it. Their placement is considered creating something visually different every time you look at it. It’s brilliant and beautiful.

It turned out I got to use this wrap several times over the week I had it, each time with a different carry and a different twin to properly test it. It passed the ruck test, the one shoulder test. I took it to our Sling Library where it was hugely popular with squish to toddler. We loved it so much that when Tri Diadema was released we snapped it up. The visiting Teal was a versatile size 4. For the library we went for a scary for some size 3. Could this wrap work as a shorty? In a word, yes. Yes yes yes!


I was lucky enough to see and stroke some new design ideas while at The Wrap Show in London earlier this month. Very different but just as striking. I can’t wait to see what comes next from the amazing Jacq and Rose.

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