Sycha Slings Retrobots review


I recently played host to Sycha Slings Retrobots Spring Sky. Part of her affordable Main Line range (with a percentage going to charity) this 100% organic all cotton wrap has a weight of 235gsm and is 75cm wide. I was already aware of the lovely maker from her Facebook page Sling Sally so I was fully aware of her passion for babywearing and was really interested to see how I would feel about this wrap.

Retrobots stay was a short one but it was fun. I will admit I hugely underestimated this wrap. But in light of the amazing all cotton beauties that have been produced by several new wrap makers over recent months I shouldn’t have expected anything different from this one.

Not as soft and blankety as some of my recent visitors, this wrap has a tough skin but it hides a very gentle nature. With a tight, dense weave, it’s lovely snap should have been my first indicator of how well this wrap would perform.


I had a quick go, just with a demo doll, at our Sling Library’s Wrap Geekery session so couldn’t get a proper feel for how it would preform with my toddlerbots.  But I did’t hate it so I guess it was off to a good start. As I didn’t have a willing traveller I decided to explore the wrap through photographing it. Looking closely the colours, which can’t help but jump out at you, changed. It wasn’t just a glaring, juxtaposed blue and green. These colours sit beautifully with each other and really show off and enhance different aspects of the design on both sides. The green robots on blue is subtle, softer than the the opposite side which invites closer inspection as it brings different details in to focus.

The fun design, though initially not to my taste really grew on me and it’s refreshing to have a wrap maker think about what might appeal to the traveller as well as the wearer.

So now the carrying of an actual child bit! How did it do? We walk to nursery. Well, I walk. If we all walked the 20 minute journey would easily take an hour. So I walk with one twin on my back and one in a buggy.  On this day it was boy shaped twin’s turn but not before some ooos and ahhhs from them both.


I went for a ruck, my preferred carry of late, with a Tibetan finish. And here again I was surprised by this wrap. It moved beautifully in to place, moulded well around Henry. With just a little bounce it held impeccably on the 20 minute walk down to nursery with absolutely no sag. That snap….. it makes it strong! I had a little dig on my left shoulder just before reaching our destination but that was totally down to me and my arms during the process of wrapping and not the cloth itself. The ruck is a misunderstood carry, I think partly because we are taught it as an easy beginner carry. But it’s intricate and takes time to get to know, just like each wrap we use. And Retrobots and the Ruck work perfectly together.

It’s a fun journey, (we chat, we laugh, we do bin slalom) and on this occasion this wrap couldn’t help but make it even more so. It’s design, it’s comfort, it’s colours which perfectly matched my little boys wellies!

I feel bad about how many times I have written about my surprise at Retrobots. It deserves more. But actually sometimes it’s nice to be surprised by something. To have your expectations and “set in your ways” way challenged. And on this occasion I was happy to be surprised.

Additional photos


Further information

Visit Sycha Slings on Facebook

And join her chatter group for even more and a chance to test the wraps for yourself

And for all you non Facebookers there is also a website

And whilst you are looking at all these pages why not head over to mine for a quick peruse!






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