Ruck n Roll Handwovens Sparkly Artemis Review

We are lucky enough to have some amazing handwoven wrap makers in the UK. One of those is Jo-anne from Ruck n Roll Handwovens. And I was lucky enough to have the amazing Sparkly Artemis here for a few days and wanted to tell everyone about just how good it is.

The Arrival
It arrived just in time for Salford Sling and Meet’s Saturday Wrap Geekery session having been kindly sent at very short notice by the lady behind the loom (or is it in front of it?). I picked it up from the post office and couldn’t even wait to get back to the car before ripping open the packaging.


I am always a fan of a wrap that comes with a little bit extra. That something that makes the receiving of it an experience too. It doesn’t need it. The wrap speaks for itself in terms of quality and style but in this case it’s a thoughtful gesture and it was lovely to open the post bag to find an amazing Ruck N Roll bag. The bag turned out to be very useful on the nursery run so it had practical uses and was by no means just a gimmick.

Inside the bag, tied up with ribbon was one of the plumpest and softest wraps I’ve felt. If I had to pick a word to describe it that word would be smooshy! I instantly wanted to wrap myself in it, or at least rub it against my face (like something out of an a advert for fabric softener!) But the twins wouldn’t let me. They were instantly all over it and the seal of approval from them really is something. What caught Matilda’s eye? The beautiful blues and purples gradually blending  into each other. A fan of Frozen she overlooked the ice white with its gentle shimmer and the sparkle of the stellina. 

My (and the twins) initial exploration of the wrap was really positive. Made up of 75% Merino, 20% Silk and 5% Sparkle Magic (totally true) with a Tencel warp I was pleased to discover it was uber soft but with none of the scratch I feared as a wool hater. It was floppy and draped beautifully over the edge of the drawer unit it was opened on. So after taking several thousand images I packed it back in the bag and headed to the geekery session where someone might actually get to wrap with it.

The Geekery Session
We have some brilliant wrappers in our group and they were eager to give Sparkly Artemis a go. There were lots of comments on it’s softness. But also a lot of comments about how well it wrapped, how easily it slid in to place, how well it held. I was left disappointed that my children wanted to paint and play with balloons (we run at the same time as a craft session) rather than go up! 😉 

The Nursery Run
Finally it was my turn to use it. To actually see how it wrapped, to see how it held my 2 and a half year old girl twin, smaller and lighter than the boy shaped one but much more bouncy! He tests for weight, she tests for wriggle. And to see how I coped with wool. This is a blend I had never tried before, not being a fan of wool (or so I thought) and I am completely new to Tencel.

Artemis is heavyweight, something that was noticed at the Geekery session. But it’s 347gsm weight is disguised and hidden beneath it’s airy fluffiness and is forgotten as soon as you start to wrap. 

So on to the wrapping. I went for a Double Hammock finished with a Kia Belt with girl shaped twin. It’s odd, the softness of this wrap meant that the pleasure from using it started instantly with the tactile sensation of just picking it up. It felt cosy and familiar so I wasn’t worried about having to get to know it and it’s wrap qualities. I hope that makes sense! To use the normal descriptors, the second hammock pass slid in to place beautifully, it wrapped like a bandage, incredibly mouldable, it was so easy to tighten, it had amazing grip. I already said that Matilda likes to wriggle and bounce and this wrap allowed for that but with a rock solid hold. There was no dig, no slippage, just the right amount of bounce and recoil. But it was also so much more. I keep coming back to this word. Cosy.   

Fresh instead of sweaty


And what about the blend? I have always believed that wool is hot. Everything wool I have ever tried has been hot. And itchy. Of course I had no idea that there were different types of wool. I never understand that actually its temperature regulating and I think that combined with the breathability of the Tencel makes this wrap just outstanding. Normally by the time I get my traveller all wrapped up I’m sweating and more than a little rosey cheeked but with this I still felt fresh when I finished. And it was a pretty warm day. 


As well as all of that this wrap is also fun. It’s bright, it actually sparkles and it can happily hold a dancing toddler while her mummy sings “Oh the Grand Old Duke of York”. Repeatedly!

I was totally won over by Sparkly Artemis. I’m normally team mono but I have a soft spot for a pop of a nice blue and the tones of this work so well together especially with the contrasting black that I fell in love. That in addition to it’s amazing wrap qualities and I was totally smitten.

Additional Photos:
My “I don’t want to send it on but maybe it will be OK if I take another 1000 pictures to remember it by” photos!



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