Review of Barbarian by Coco-N

I’ve never reviewed a wrap before. I know a lot of wrap lingo – weave, bounce, cush, stretch, picky etc. – and even what most of the words mean. Sometimes I even use them in the correct context (self high five!) but generally I worry that I will use them wrong and seem foolish. But I’m going to give it a go. With or without the use of the correct terms is yet to be determined!

So, Coco-N Barbarian. Coco-N is a new brand from the people behind the lovely Mokosh. When I received this wrap they were still in the testing stage but Barbarian has since been released. The lovely Ellie messaged and asked if I would like to be among a group who would get to host this intriguing beauty. (The more I get to know it the more intrigued I am!) Never one to say no to trying a wrap I was quick with my yes.

It arrived just as we finished loading the twins in to the car and had the key in the ignition to head out for their birthday picnic. The postman, even if he doesn’t know what’s in the parcels, has clearly come to the know how happy they make me as he almost pounced on the car to make sure I didn’t leave. Thank you kind kind man! Obviously it came with us.

No fancy unboxing this time. The packaging was ripped apart in the boot of the car. A quick “Ooooo” at the white bag in the matching Celtic inspired pattern as the wrap itself. Another “Ooooo” followed by a “that’s lovely” at the black ribbon with the silver pendant attached to it. All tossed aside (carefully šŸ˜‰) so I could get my sleeping boy shaped twin wrapped and up the hill (we were running late!) to consume mountains of food and cake.

I have always loved thin wraps. Big fan of all cotton initially and over time got to know, appreciate and then love blends. But always on the thinner floppier end of the spectrum. I don’t have particularly picky shoulders but as the kids have grown I have needed more Cush. How am I doing so far with the wrap language?!

Thanks to a lovely friend I have had the opportunity to try out some lovely wrap brands. Her taste and needs lean towards thickness and having the chance to try these as my babies grow has been a real eye opener for me.

So while I knew Barbarian had a high GSM, a dense weave and was thicker than I am used to using on a daily basis I was pleasantly surprised by how light it felt in hand. Thick but not scary “I’m not sure I can wrap with this thick.” It had a lovely texture but an equally lovely smooth softness to it that surprised me. And then of course the colour. That beautiful deep green almost juxtaposed but working perfectly with the teal/green/blue mix of the “wrong” side.

So my first “up” with Barbarian was the a Double Hammock with a candy cane chest belt. Henry (the boy shaped one, 2 years old, 24ish lbs) was fast asleep and remained so while I wrapped him. Wrapping a sleeping child is a very different experience. I have done it many times but it doesn’t always go perfectly. I can sometimes tell the quality of the wrap by how successful a process it is and if by the end baby is still asleep. This time was a successful possibly because of the fantastic qualities of this wrap. I was pleased by how easily it slid in to place, how tight and snug I managed to get the chest pass. There were chunky handfuls of wrap but it wasn’t unwieldy or difficult to wrap with. Sometimes wrapping a sleeper leads to sagging which leads to digging. But I didn’t feel any at all. The wrap held in place perfectly, the texture and pattern giving it a lovely grip.


Henry woke soon after reaching the top of the hill and that normally requires quick removal from the wrap so he can play. But not today. Today there was an absolute refusal to being removed. I take that as a sign of a good wrap rather than the mood he is in. He did eventually come down and remained down for the rest of the day. Too nice to throw into a bag it became a lovely if somewhat oversizedĀ scarf!

As the twins have grown and tandem carrying had become harder I have become more of a weekend wearer when there are two of us around. But after selling my unused double buggy and getting a single I have had much more opportunity to wear and walk to the places I would normally drive. So I was pleased to be able to give Barbarian another go.

Up Matilda (girl shaped twin, also 2, 21ish lbs) went in a Ruck Tied Tibetan for the 20 minute walk down to the local stay and play. She’s a fairly dainty compared to Henry but at 2 she’s not squish light. I was incredibly impressed by how comfortable Barbarian was in this carry. I don’t hate the Ruck but it’s not a go to which is why I really wanted to try it. Ā The wrap had just the right amount of bounce to stop it being diggy but not so much that it became saggy. It stayed in place perfectly and she was as high at the end of the journey as at the start. For the 25 minute journey home (it’s uphill all the way!) Matilda was replaced by a heavier Henry in a simple ruck and I will admit to some slight digging by the time I got home but with new buggy envy he was not the most willing wrapee on this occasion!


So after a week and more chances to wear than I had hoped for I was sad to have to pack up Barbarian. Perhaps not one I would buy I was still not looking forward to saying goodbye. Having missed out on the unboxing I decided to document my reboxing before sending it on to the next person to enjoy.

To look at, Barbarian wouldn’t be my first choice in terms of design. I’m not a huge fan of geometric, repeating patterns but the intricacies in this on closer inspection were really lovely. For me the lower contrast “wrong side” softened the pattern and it really looked beautiful. It’s the wrap qualities that really make this a great wrap. I don’t know enough to know if that’s because of the blend, the weave, the design (or just my awesome wrap skills!) but maybe that doesn’t matter. Beautiful grip and glide, lovely subtle bounce and a decent amount of cush. What more could I need?

The wrap: CocoN BarbarianĀ 65% ELS cotton 15% EF merino wool 10% Tencel 10% Pima cotton
The Wrapee’s: Henry and Matilda twinlets. 2 years old. 24lbs and 21lbs
The carries: Double Hammock CCCB, Ruck Tied Tibetan, Ruck

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