Staring at the first page of a sketch book

So. It seems that starting a blog is like starting a new sketchbook. Staring at that empty first page without a clue what to put on it. Then deciding maybe it’s best to leave that first page blank for now and come back to it later. Take some pressure off! Then staring at that blank second page, still without a clue what to write.

In fact I am not even starting a new blog. I started this one 3 years ago and even did a post about a very hipster cafe in Edinburgh. And then I panicked. I had my first page filled and realised I now had an entire book to fill.

So here I am, 3 years later still unsure if anything I write will be interesting enough for anyone to want to read but I’m going to do it anyway. I don’t have a diary so maybe this is my alternative.

So where to start? Perhaps with a little bit about me? I’m Melinda. Three years ago I was just Melinda, working in Starbucks, newly married after 16 years with the amazing Saul. So I suppose 3 years ago I was Melinda, Starbucks worker and wife. Now I am Melinda, wife and mother. I list Melinda separately as, although I am wife and mother I am still desperately trying to hold on to Me(linda). So you know the wife part, the mother part is my nearly 2 year old twins Henry and Matilda. I no longer have a paying job but I co run a community volunteer led sling library and am about to do a baby wearing consultancy course so perhaps self employment is in my future.

In other news, I love TV. Love it! Buffy, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars, anything by Aaron Sorkin and have just started binge watching The Gilmore Girls. I have a eclectic taste. I read, though not as much as I did 2 years ago unless you count Stick Man, That’s not my cat and Max at Night? Big fan of music. I’m vaguely crafty. I am passionate about baby wearing. It is a very real possibility that this blog will be mostly filled by baby wearing! Oh and I like to take photos. So that’s me. And that’s all I have to say for now. See you all in three years!


Published by millyhugs

I'm an aspiring photographer, who until my 30's knew nothing about anything, but have recently discovered a love of fashion, crafts, and all things vintage while still keeping true to my geek roots.

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