Cafe crawl in Edinburgh – Love Crumbs. 27.02.13

1361963219243We found Love Crumbs on Wednesday morning, two days into our honeymoon.  It looked interesting so we thought we’d pop in.  The first thing you notice is the cakes.  Not just the actual cakes themselves, but the way they are displayed, in what looks like an old wardrobe.
All the cakes are noticeably handmade, and are all the better for it.  They are big and chunky and crumbly with thick, uneven layers of sponge and cream. Exactly how a cake should be, like it’s meant to be eaten, messily, rather than just admired.  We ordered two Long Blacks, then found a cosy two seater by the window (not the one IN the window, that one was already taken).


The interior couldn’t be more hipster!  From it’s mismatched furniture to the amazing peeling paint on the ceilings.  But unlike similar places it doesn’t feel contrived, seemingly having evolved slowly with bits added when found.  A continuing evolution rather than static, with everything in it’s forever place.
The china matches the interior, deco 1970’s coffee cups with not one the same as another, and delicate cups and saucers for tea.  No pot just a metal thermos of hot water to top up with.
1361963863655 1362051917539
With the art college over the road it was not unexpected to see that the regulars are for the most part very bohemian.  Overheard conversations held around the large round table involved opera, changing language, male dominated society and viking helmet!
animated conversationThe staff on both our visits were lovely.  On our second visit they were happy and excited to indulge in our lego honeymoon, even staging a picture of our lego counterparts riding a stoat.  It seems it’s the only way for lego to see Edinburgh!

giant stoat....cheese it!

Overall, Love Crumbs is a really lovely, warm and welcoming cafe.
And don’t tell anyone….but we had a cake!  Chocolate and coconut.  Delicious! 🙂

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I'm an aspiring photographer, who until my 30's knew nothing about anything, but have recently discovered a love of fashion, crafts, and all things vintage while still keeping true to my geek roots.

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